my poor mind has gonorrhea (mrscaptainoats) wrote,
my poor mind has gonorrhea

Should my heart be beating this quickly?

Crap. I think I just drank my Starbuck's DoubleShot a little too quickly. I feel kind of weird, but I can't tell how much of that is a true feeling, and how much is psychosomatic...

Though, I should be needing all that caffeine...and I have a backup DoubleShot in the fridge as well (so I may drop dead of a heart attack tonight)... I got up at 3:45 this morning (and I actually got up before the alarm, which is strange), and I'll be up until about that time tonight.

I have my final paper due for Music III tomorrow...and I left my binder at school, of course. I love Music, but I hate writing Music papers. I'm going to be comparing Native American Ghost Dances and Peyote songs to Woodstock (with a focus on Jimi Hendrix)... Which sounds completly simple and fun.

Then I have a Religion paper to write, and then a lengthy take-home Religion test to do, which probably would be easy if I'd actually done my readings when I was supposed to... It just looks annoying.

Plus, Mr. Pretty Bane of my Existence has a match tonight... if Svetlana and Roger take precisely three hours to complete their matches, I should get some coverage. *hopes* I love the name Svetlana. And also Annika... I need to marry Dima so we can have pretty children with pretty Russian(ish?) names together.

And now, to end the procrastinating and write the papers... *cue: Dun dun dun*
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