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Friends Only

"Let's say you were drafted to a team that wasn’t your first pick. You know, you don't like the players. You hate the way they play the game. You even think the quarterback is full of crap. The quarterback's a pain in the ass you don't owe a damn thing to. But, it's your team. You don't quit. You don't talk to the press. You don't bitch to the coach. You just... you go out there on Sunday and you make the blocks and you take the hits and you play to win. You show up and you suit up and you play, because it's your freaking team."
-- Dr. Alex Karev

This journal is friends-only. Comment to be added. I like people. :)
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Hey Christie.

Kat here, from the lit thread! Hi! Just wanted to comment to say that I'm gonna friend you on here and I hope that thats ok. :)
I would love to be added if you don't mind.
*blushes* I'm sorry. Where do I know you from again? *blushes more*
Nowhere actually.....I clicked random and your lj popped up.
I'm really sorry...but I don't feel comfortable with friending someone who I know...baisically nothing about. :$ I'm sorry.
Oh thats ok. :)
Yellow, I'm Selina a lit from Your dirtiness fascinates me and I want to see the inner working that make up Christie

*huggles and licks*

Hi, Selina!

Sure, I'll friend you. But I must warn you... I may disappoint you. :(
Hey. I saw you in another community, and I thought maybe you would want to join my new Aly and AJ community.


JOIN! And tell some friends about it too!

Thanks =]

Well, you love brokeback, so that means we can get along pretty damn well :) I'll add you to my f-list!

I added you back. *pokes* We're nearly the same age.
Hey, it's Lina from the Lit thread. And...Brokeback Mountain quote thingy for your name! *starts crying*

Can I be *sniffle* added?
Sure thing, doll. *has friended you*

I love the Ennis icon! :p
Hi there, you replied to my comment on tennisslash, so I popped on over to have a look. Then I saw you wrote some Gilmore Girls fan fiction and I keeled over in shock. I LOVE RORY/JESS!!! :D If you love gilmore girls and tennis slash, then I think we'll make good friends indeed :) *adds*

*added back* :D

So um, hi! I'm adding you if you don't mind? :D
Sure! *adds you back*
add me? I need more tennis friends :-D
Hee! Sure, so do I!

Warning, though? All I do is whine about school and swoon over Andy...
Yay! That's all I wanna hear. ;) Warning from me: I might say I hate Andy, but really I'm converted. So it's just me denying the truth, if I'm ever mean to him :)
Ah! No! I cry when people are mean to my Andy. :(

Oooh, dude, you like American football! New bestest friend!

Do you know how many tennis fans have football listed as an interest, and I get all excited, and then they're like "not that stupid football you Americans like!"? :p

YAY!!!!!!!!! perfect! :-D *snuggles you*

Yes. Of *course* I know! :D